Aoraki Foundation 

Brand & Website

Aoraki Foundation was first formed as a community foundation to raise money for the MRI scanner for the local hospital and later the CBay Aquatic Centre.

Following the completion of these projects the Foundation lost momentum.

Goanna was approached to look at reviving Aoraki Foundation and to provide it with the tools and messaging to help educate the South Canterbury community of its role.

We created a brand that centered around what a Community Foundation offered as a vehicle to enable people to give back to a community that the love – for now and forever.

The icon represents people coming together and moving forward. The introduction of hand drawn icons represents key elements and places within the South Canterbury community – ensuring that the brand was unique to Aoraki Foundation.

We were so impressed with the role of the Foundation that Goanna became a 'Friend of the Foundation' – donating a proportional our time to this project and to any future collateral. 

Our solution includes:

• Strategic design
• Branding
• Illustration
• Copywriting
• Website design
• Advertising design and strategy
• Corporate literature
• Annual Report
• eDM (electronic newsletters)
• promotional banners
• Ongoing design & marketing support.

Check out our work live in action:

Friends of the aoraki foundation .jpg