Silver Fern Farms

beef eq field guide

Silver Fern Farms' Plate to Pasture strategy has been meeting customer demands and delivering consistently high quality cuts of premium New Zealand beef to markets all around the globe. A major component of this strategy is the EQ (Eating Quality) score that is assigned to each beef carcase. Made up of six key components, this score quantifies how well the meat will cook, look and taste – and how much premium a farmer will receive as a result of growing this exceptional product.

However, one thing has always been missing – an educational tool to guide farmers on how to get the best from their stock, and ensure a higher quality finished product. The EQ Manual is that tool.

Designed with practicality in mind, this comprehensive book gives an in-depth analysis of the six criteria that contribute to the final EQ score, helpful hints on how to meet these criteria, and a range of on-farm success stories. 

The format of the book was also taken into consideration. The landscape orientation offers greater visual connection with online and digital presentation material, and the wire binding provides a cost-effective, practical and durable solution to hold it all together.

Our solution includeD:

• Strategic design
• Diagram refinement
• Powerpoint template design
• Print management.