BRANding & packaging

With a move into the export market
NZ Petfoods International were looking for a brand evolution that built on their existing branding while offering a stronger connection with their NZ story. 

We developed a maori influenced pattern that connects with New Zealand as well as the origin of product source – from land and sea.

Simplicity and boldness was key to offer premium positioning in the Asia market while the use of colour change out plates ensured cost-effective production values.

"Anna delivers a level of creative energy which is infectious and well beyond her peers. She then adds something I’ve found to be very rare in the advertising, design world – serious commercial nous to deliver genuine strategic value.

With a sales & marketing focused career punctuated by New Zealand’s blue chip multinationals I’ve worked with all the big name agencies, creative talents and the big personalities. Anna would hold her own in that rarefied creative company and she would surpass most with her commercial expertise.

Growing business, adding value and meeting customer expectations in an increasingly cluttered world is becoming extremely challenging. Investment in visible marketing, or corporate voice doesn’t come cheap and needs to deliver real commercial return. For our fledgling export business we’re lucky to have someone capable of contributing to those hard commercial conversations, as engaged as we are in our success and unlike many of her peers, actually concerned about the money we’re spending."

Craig Tucker

Our solution includeD:

• Branding
• Custom illustrations
• Art direction
• Packaging
• Promotional items
• Business stationery
• Website design.

Check out our work live in action: